Relaxing Body Scrub

This is one of our most popular massage that applies all forms of techniques

Advanced Body Stretching

Our therapist know exactly how to stretch your body and relieve aches and pains

Deep Professional Hands

Come feel the deep hand massage of Thailand, better than you can imagine

Body Scrub & Massage

Are you looking for the perfect Body Scrub Massage? At 4M Thai Massage, we offer the best Body Scrub Massage in Las Vegas.

This body scrub will begin with ancient blended ingredients using sugar, salt and essential oils. Our therapist with begin by exfoliating your skin with gentle rubbing using long strokes to ease the skin and open the pores. The scrub will incorporate the type massage that you specifically request. The scrubbing ingredients are then removed with wet steamed towels The scrub is followed by applying high-quality creams or oils that leave your skin soft and smooth. Once the body has been exfoliated and your skin is nice and smooth, we will begin the massage of you have requested from your therapist.

This is truly one of the best massage experiences you can imagine.

We are only 5 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Call or Book Online Today.     

60 minutes


90 minutes


3110 S Valley View Blvd UNIT 103 Las Vegas, NV 89102.

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What is Body Scrub Massage?

This is a full body massage and is followed with a body scrub, using scrub materials Sugar & Salt to smooth the skin and feel relaxed.

Can I have Hemp Oil added to my massage?

Yes! Just request our staff to add Hemp Oil to your massage and we will just add the small fee for the special oils.  

How do I Book a Massage?

Its Easy! Choose the type of massage you need. Then click the Book Now button! Follow the steps and schdule your session. You can Call for Appointment too

Do you offer any Discounts?

We offer discounts for time to time. Our best rates are during the midweek Mon-Thursday. Call for details 

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